Teaching Methods

The method below worked very well when I worked with students over the years. The students I worked with were in the special education program. In many cases I have had to ask the teacher if they minded I tried using the method mentioned below because many teachers would use the typical teaching methods that didn’t always work. When I saw students not grasping the concept of what the teacher was teaching I would use visuals and incorporate what the students enjoyed doing to show them how certain math worked.
It is interesting that articles are still being released from the Department of Education that poverty determines a students education outcome. As I said years ago I never knew when I worked with students who came from rich homes or broken homes but I managed to show students how certain math worked in a single class period where the teacher was unable to in weeks of lessons that were boring to the students. If students are showing up to school on a regular basis then the articles that the department of education come out with about poverty are BS. If teachers around the US started using teaching methods that worked then the high dropout rates would improve greatly.
Much of what is on my Facebook page in 2009 and so on talked about what this exact article talks about which is using effective visuals in the learning process. It would be nice if our education leaders would start to talk about things that work in the classrooms instead of things that have no relevance to the problems that students are really dealing with which are poor teaching methods.


obama on equal pay for women

I think we should be talking more about paying people with disabilities better than worrying about women’s pay.  I have seen at companies I worked at people with disabilities getting lower pay and having less opportunities to move up than those without disabilities.   Many companies have the people with disabilities doing entry level jobs that are very discriminating.   People with disabilities in my opinion are being mistreated in the workplace far worse than just women in general. I want to hear peoples opinions about what they think about companies being more fair to people with disabilities.